Good Bye #2015

It’s been a busy year.
It’s been an exciting year.
The last days and hours of a year are always time to resume and think about everything what have happened through the last 12 months.
My year started pretty exciting. I returned to my work as a #flightattendant after staying at home for my son for four years.
A lot had changed.
I changed.

I love what I’m doing and put passion in everything I start to get good results.
Work as a flightattendant before having a child was extremely different than it is now.
I actually have some time “off” work when I’m working.

Last year gave me new opportunities, combined with new interests.
I took my camera with me.

My love for #photography expanded and I thought about making the best out of it.
A #hobby, a #vision, a #passion.

I met wonderful people in the last year and catched up with friends I haven’t seen for many years.

I travelled to India again. India has a special place in my heart. I established contact to an orphanage and whenever I’ll fly to Chennai I step in for a visit.
I love it to be in India, the people, the culture. I always had many great memories and I missed it to be there. I’m looking forward to visit my friends very soon in 2016.

The next great destinations were #Tehran and #New York.
I visited family in Tehran and spend wonderful hours with my dear friend.
I went to Jeddah for the first time in my life.
Philadelphia, Atlanta, Bangkok.
Great memories.

I flew through Europe, Madrid, Budapest, Brussels, Prague, Porto, Italy and Russia.
Probably I forgot to mention many, many more.

Besides working I spend so much precious time with my family and friends.

My day trip to Berlin to visit Mario Testino ‘s exhibition “In your face”. A very special day with my best friend.
I spend a perfect vacation together with my mom and my best friend, I feel so blessed and grateful.
I’m going to be a godmother! So exciting!!!

A year is not only filled with good memories, a couple of horrible things happened and as sensible as I am I think what the hell is going on in the world?
I raise a child in a time of egoism and terrorism.
Your inner side has to give you the power and strength to see the best in everything.
I try to be happy to make my child happy , I enjoy every minute I have and say thank you to a higher power for everything we have.
I love my family.

My personal goals for 2016?

New adventures

Okay okay and I’ll try to be successful in what I’m dreaming of to do…..

Happy new year everyone!

Sincerely yours,




Thank you 2015! A #Flipagram version of my last year!!

#Flipagram #MattSimons mit @Flipagram erstellt .


Hello everyone!
Today I won’t write about traveling and adventures, I’d like to say a few words about “christmas”.
Nearly for everyone it’s not a relaxed and joy bringing time of the year. We rush and run for buying presents and food, I always think, what the hell is going on in supermarkets or parking lots? 
The meaning of christmas? Forgotten.

My son wrote his wishlist for Christmas 2 months ago, still thinking of it and always asking when the “christkind” is coming…..
I am raised catholic and in my childhood I remember that we cared more about the meaning of christmas, more to say, the meaning behind the meaning of christmas.
Everyone is celebrating christmas differently. For us it’s all about FAMILY.
It’s to take the time and relax, eat, to watch movies, to play games, to say I LOVE YOU.
As a child we always went to church, but not only on Christmas,  we went to church every sunday.
Sometimes I realize that we don’t take the time for things we used to do….

For me as a flightattendant the first Christmas preparation starts one year ahead, requesting holidays over christmas.
But I am absolutely not stressed, I avoid to go shopping,  thank you god for the online shopping industry.
I’m traveling and take my time off at different destinations to buy nice little gifts for my loved ones.

Our next christmas will probably be out of germany…
Maybe Capetown, or somewhere else!
The most valuable  gift you can give someone is time!!
I hope my husband gives us precious time, I’ll give it!
Time is so precious, time with your loved ones, your kids, your friends! 
Christmas for me means coming together, we sing, drink and laugh. Well sometimes we cry, even that makes it special.
Merry Christmas to you!
Take your TIME to relax and enjoy everything you have, be grateful!



#NYC #WEEKEND before Christmas

Hello New York!


Thank you for being such a great host, it’s always a pleasure to be here.
Unfortunately I can’t stay longer this time than only 24 hours, but indeed, my stay was great although I only had that short time.

Last night I quickly went to the #Rockefeller Center, actually a must to do before christmas.



Visiting this area during the day or in the early evening shortly before christmas will drive you crazy.
It’s too crowded and you can barely see the tree.
BUT visiting the area at night is much better…..
They shut the light down shortly before midnight.
Next stop  Time Square, haven’t been there for ages.


Tired but very happy I felt into bed.

After strolling around in brooklyn I walked to the #Brooklyn Bridge Park.
I was freezing but me and my camera took great shots of beautiful spots and the stunning view towards Manhattan.
New Yorks skyline is breathtaking.

Due to the extremely cold weather I changed my plans to visit the observation deck of the Rockefeller Center and so I went uptown to the meatpacking district.
Every part of New York has different highlights,  different people and so many beautiful things to see, that it’s more exhausting for my eyes than for my feet.
Wear sneakers in NYC!!
I walked to 23 street up to the Highline.
Nice place, great view!!! Too crowded for me but for photographers amazing.
After shopping Macarons in a beautiful store in Chelsea
I returned to Brooklyn. Still hungry I  went to a very nice restaurant at Montague Street.
It’s a cute restaurant called “Teresas” with good food and polish dishes.
Teresa’s Restaurant

80 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 718-797-3996

My stay is coming to an end, I’ll be picked up in a couple of hours, returning home to my loved ones for Christmas.



More pictures will follow!!!

#Friends will be Friends

Today is the day for me to appreciate  friendship.
Friendship is important and life filling.
You can have a friendship with nearly everyone you like, but not every friendship is worth it.
I experienced, you have friendships for different life stages. Some of them last for a lifetime and some of them not.
In a relationship you go through ups and downs, same thing in a good friendship.
Women friendships are different than men friendships, men are different than women, I don’t need to explain that 🙂
I guess everyone of you had friends in their lives which were good and important for a special time but not everyone of them kept the importance for a lifetime.
I have a couple of very good, real and honest friends.
I am nearly 35 years old and I can tell you that it wasn’t that easy to found them, or to recognize good friends.
I have 5 real friends in my life. In case they would call me in the night, I’ll be there.
Some of them I’ve met many years ago, some of them I know only for a couple of years.
But one friend gave me a special present today, announcing me to be her daughters godmother.
It’s making me very proud and happy.
Because of that I’m actually writing the blog post today.
Thank you my dear friend, it’s meaning a lot to me. I love you and can’t wait you’ll give birth to my godchild.
With my other best friend I have so much in common.
We know each other since we have been teenagers. I love her so much.
We were reconnecting a few years ago when we became moms. We don’t need to talk, we look at each other to know what the one is thinking.
I am so thankful to be blessed with this lady in my life.
Another great personality is my other friend, we were pregnant at the same time, we went through so many difficult, tiring and funny times as moms, that I can say she became a friend for a lifetime. Her advices are allways right, she is a role model for me having children and a good marriage, I love her so much.
It’s nice to have the courage to look back and remember, to think about what great friends you have and how blessed you are.
Life is not allways easy, but no matter what, good friends stay and love you the way you are.
Good friends don’t use you for profits or other things, they aren’t jealous and deceitful.
You don’t need to see your friends every day to value your friendship high, it’s like a perfect relationship, you’re happy every time you will share time together, even for an hour in the gym or anywhere else…
Friends will be friends whenever/wherever you need them because they know, whenever/wherever  they need you, you’re a 100% available ; -)

Appreciate  your friends, I love you girls!!!



Moments of a photoshooting I had with one of my very best friends….❤

#Jeddah times #2

Back home. Glad to be home with my loved ones, I allways miss them like hell.
Summarizing the time I’ve spent in Saudi Arabia…….
I enjoyed “crewlife”, I’ve met friends, spending time with them was great. Jeddah is definitely a nice layover. Sure, you need to cover yourself, getting used to the regulations and laws concerning women in public, but I really enjoyed the “crewlife”, which is literally getting rare during our layovers.
Most of the time everyone is doing things by themselves. Years ago our crewlife was much more intense.
Shopping malls, internet and more are making it complicated, as well the workload and even shorter stays at our destinations.
Jeddah was perfect for a nice time together with colleagues. We decided to go to the beach club, I met a good friend there, unfortunately she was not in my crew, but even 3 hours of time together were perfect.
For the first time in my life I went snorkeling. It was beautiful and I was fascinated by the wonderful
world under water 🐙🐠🐟
This moments show me how blessed I am having the job of being a flightattendant.
I had nice conversations, yummy “saudi champagne” and now a pocket full of memories. Thank you Jeddah!

I will definitely be back soon……..snorkeling🌊 🐠 🐟

"Saudi Champagne"
Treasures of the sea
Sheraton Beach Club



#Jeddah times

Hey everyone,
I have to get comfy with writing my blog, but now it’s time to tell you about my adventures and tell you about my travels and feelings.
I haven’t been to Jeddah before and it’s actually not easy to visit the surroundings or see cultural highlights.
I always have my camera in my luggage, but I feel unsure to use it.
Saudi Arabia is an absolutely contrast to my european way of life.
First time in Jeddah, first visit to a saudi arabian “Starbucks” shop.
Two different ways to get in, me as a woman had to use the “Family entrance” separated of the “Men entrance”.
The staff threated us very good and charming but I have never experienced a way of “separation” before.
Am I welcomed as a woman? May I walk in here? You have to get comfortable with that.
Everyone is very nice and I like it to be here but you have to prepare yourself for this particularly as a german woman.
It’s a men’s world….
We tried to drive to a Souk in the old part of Jeddah, but unfortunately it was time for the prayer and everything was closed.
I travel for over 15 years now, allways brave enough to take a tuk tuk or cabs, but here you need to be in company of a man to take a cab 😉
I love to experience that, my mind’s growing and I can understand a lot more different habits and people from here.
Tomorrow we’ll drive to the beach, open for women, but am I able to actually feel “free”?
I’ll try to find out……
Yesterday’s evening was very nice, we had delicious arabic food and drinks and smoked nice smelling shishas.
Great atmosphere, I felt very comfortable.
We can decide to wear a headscarf or not, but it’s a protection for myself, showing respect for this country.
More on my blog, tomorrow 🙂


Yummy assorted arabic food
My outfit for the entire stay



Also called, “The city of brotherly love”, or “The city that loves you back”.

Oh yes, I love it  to be there.

Did you know the meaning of the name “Philadelphia”?

The name’s origin is greek and means:
Philia = Love
Adelphos = brotherly Love

There are many things you can love about Philadelphia… actually have to find it out by yourself, but I can tell you what I like.

The people!
You feel that many of them have an european origin.
I actually didn’t know that many of them are originally irish, italian, german, polish and english.
I visited the Christmas Market on Arch Street at the JFK Plaza.
They had all kinds of german christmas treats. Very nice! I talked to one german lady, she was originally from Nürnberg  (Germany). They sold all kinds of yummy german christmas candy.
Lebkuchen, nuts, chocolate etc.

The Love Sculpture, designed by Edmund Bacon is allways a favorite spot to make photos or of course “selfies”.

Philly has nice restaurants and bars, not only for Philly Cheesesteaks, all kind of good food is available.
We’ve been to a nice restaurant called   “Time” on 1315 Sansom Street.
You really have the choice to find out what you prefer and like.

Philly has nice spots to visit, great buildings, beautiful museums, for example the “Museum of Art, more famous for the “Rocky steps”.
I saw a couple of men running up the stairs to shout “Adrienne”! Very funny!
Yes honestly, I also walked up the stairs not shouting, but I took pictures of the beautiful view over Philadelphia.

I don’t comment the shopping possibilities. …you can spend money!
I did.

I found out that many movies took place in Philadelphia.
Of course Rocky 1-6, Twelve Monkeys, The Sixth Sense, Silver Linings……and many more.

I was photographing….
Lean back and enjoy!







"Old and New"
Green Egg Café 13th street

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