Also called, “The city of brotherly love”, or “The city that loves you back”.

Oh yes, I love it  to be there.

Did you know the meaning of the name “Philadelphia”?

The name’s origin is greek and means:
Philia = Love
Adelphos = brotherly Love

There are many things you can love about Philadelphia…..you actually have to find it out by yourself, but I can tell you what I like.

The people!
You feel that many of them have an european origin.
I actually didn’t know that many of them are originally irish, italian, german, polish and english.
I visited the Christmas Market on Arch Street at the JFK Plaza.
They had all kinds of german christmas treats. Very nice! I talked to one german lady, she was originally from Nürnberg  (Germany). They sold all kinds of yummy german christmas candy.
Lebkuchen, nuts, chocolate etc.

The Love Sculpture, designed by Edmund Bacon is allways a favorite spot to make photos or of course “selfies”.

Philly has nice restaurants and bars, not only for Philly Cheesesteaks, all kind of good food is available.
We’ve been to a nice restaurant called   “Time” on 1315 Sansom Street.
You really have the choice to find out what you prefer and like.

Philly has nice spots to visit, great buildings, beautiful museums, for example the “Museum of Art, more famous for the “Rocky steps”.
I saw a couple of men running up the stairs to shout “Adrienne”! Very funny!
Yes honestly, I also walked up the stairs not shouting, but I took pictures of the beautiful view over Philadelphia.

I don’t comment the shopping possibilities. …you can spend money!
I did.

I found out that many movies took place in Philadelphia.
Of course Rocky 1-6, Twelve Monkeys, The Sixth Sense, Silver Linings……and many more.

I was photographing….
Lean back and enjoy!







"Old and New"
Green Egg Café 13th street

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