#Jeddah times

Hey everyone,
I have to get comfy with writing my blog, but now it’s time to tell you about my adventures and tell you about my travels and feelings.
I haven’t been to Jeddah before and it’s actually not easy to visit the surroundings or see cultural highlights.
I always have my camera in my luggage, but I feel unsure to use it.
Saudi Arabia is an absolutely contrast to my european way of life.
First time in Jeddah, first visit to a saudi arabian “Starbucks” shop.
Two different ways to get in, me as a woman had to use the “Family entrance” separated of the “Men entrance”.
The staff threated us very good and charming but I have never experienced a way of “separation” before.
Am I welcomed as a woman? May I walk in here? You have to get comfortable with that.
Everyone is very nice and I like it to be here but you have to prepare yourself for this particularly as a german woman.
It’s a men’s world….
We tried to drive to a Souk in the old part of Jeddah, but unfortunately it was time for the prayer and everything was closed.
I travel for over 15 years now, allways brave enough to take a tuk tuk or cabs, but here you need to be in company of a man to take a cab 😉
I love to experience that, my mind’s growing and I can understand a lot more different habits and people from here.
Tomorrow we’ll drive to the beach, open for women, but am I able to actually feel “free”?
I’ll try to find out……
Yesterday’s evening was very nice, we had delicious arabic food and drinks and smoked nice smelling shishas.
Great atmosphere, I felt very comfortable.
We can decide to wear a headscarf or not, but it’s a protection for myself, showing respect for this country.
More on my blog, tomorrow 🙂


Yummy assorted arabic food
My outfit for the entire stay



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