#Jeddah times #2

Back home. Glad to be home with my loved ones, I allways miss them like hell.
Summarizing the time I’ve spent in Saudi Arabia…….
I enjoyed “crewlife”, I’ve met friends, spending time with them was great. Jeddah is definitely a nice layover. Sure, you need to cover yourself, getting used to the regulations and laws concerning women in public, but I really enjoyed the “crewlife”, which is literally getting rare during our layovers.
Most of the time everyone is doing things by themselves. Years ago our crewlife was much more intense.
Shopping malls, internet and more are making it complicated, as well the workload and even shorter stays at our destinations.
Jeddah was perfect for a nice time together with colleagues. We decided to go to the beach club, I met a good friend there, unfortunately she was not in my crew, but even 3 hours of time together were perfect.
For the first time in my life I went snorkeling. It was beautiful and I was fascinated by the wonderful
world under water 🐙🐠🐟
This moments show me how blessed I am having the job of being a flightattendant.
I had nice conversations, yummy “saudi champagne” and now a pocket full of memories. Thank you Jeddah!

I will definitely be back soon……..snorkeling🌊 🐠 🐟

"Saudi Champagne"
Treasures of the sea
Sheraton Beach Club





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