#NYC #WEEKEND before Christmas

Hello New York!


Thank you for being such a great host, it’s always a pleasure to be here.
Unfortunately I can’t stay longer this time than only 24 hours, but indeed, my stay was great although I only had that short time.

Last night I quickly went to the #Rockefeller Center, actually a must to do before christmas.



Visiting this area during the day or in the early evening shortly before christmas will drive you crazy.
It’s too crowded and you can barely see the tree.
BUT visiting the area at night is much better…..
They shut the light down shortly before midnight.
Next stop  Time Square, haven’t been there for ages.


Tired but very happy I felt into bed.

After strolling around in brooklyn I walked to the #Brooklyn Bridge Park.
I was freezing but me and my camera took great shots of beautiful spots and the stunning view towards Manhattan.
New Yorks skyline is breathtaking.

Due to the extremely cold weather I changed my plans to visit the observation deck of the Rockefeller Center and so I went uptown to the meatpacking district.
Every part of New York has different highlights,  different people and so many beautiful things to see, that it’s more exhausting for my eyes than for my feet.
Wear sneakers in NYC!!
I walked to 23 street up to the Highline.
Nice place, great view!!! Too crowded for me but for photographers amazing.
After shopping Macarons in a beautiful store in Chelsea  http://www.nymacaron.com/
I returned to Brooklyn. Still hungry I  went to a very nice restaurant at Montague Street.
It’s a cute restaurant called “Teresas” with good food and polish dishes.
Teresa’s Restaurant

80 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Vereinigte Staaten
+1 718-797-3996


My stay is coming to an end, I’ll be picked up in a couple of hours, returning home to my loved ones for Christmas.



More pictures will follow!!!



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