Hello everyone!
Today I won’t write about traveling and adventures, I’d like to say a few words about “christmas”.
Nearly for everyone it’s not a relaxed and joy bringing time of the year. We rush and run for buying presents and food, I always think, what the hell is going on in supermarkets or parking lots? 
The meaning of christmas? Forgotten.

My son wrote his wishlist for Christmas 2 months ago, still thinking of it and always asking when the “christkind” is coming…..
I am raised catholic and in my childhood I remember that we cared more about the meaning of christmas, more to say, the meaning behind the meaning of christmas.
Everyone is celebrating christmas differently. For us it’s all about FAMILY.
It’s to take the time and relax, eat, to watch movies, to play games, to say I LOVE YOU.
As a child we always went to church, but not only on Christmas,  we went to church every sunday.
Sometimes I realize that we don’t take the time for things we used to do….

For me as a flightattendant the first Christmas preparation starts one year ahead, requesting holidays over christmas.
But I am absolutely not stressed, I avoid to go shopping,  thank you god for the online shopping industry.
I’m traveling and take my time off at different destinations to buy nice little gifts for my loved ones.

Our next christmas will probably be out of germany…
Maybe Capetown, or somewhere else!
The most valuable  gift you can give someone is time!!
I hope my husband gives us precious time, I’ll give it!
Time is so precious, time with your loved ones, your kids, your friends! 
Christmas for me means coming together, we sing, drink and laugh. Well sometimes we cry, even that makes it special.
Merry Christmas to you!
Take your TIME to relax and enjoy everything you have, be grateful!





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