Good Bye #2015

It’s been a busy year.
It’s been an exciting year.
The last days and hours of a year are always time to resume and think about everything what have happened through the last 12 months.
My year started pretty exciting. I returned to my work as a #flightattendant after staying at home for my son for four years.
A lot had changed.
I changed.

I love what I’m doing and put passion in everything I start to get good results.
Work as a flightattendant before having a child was extremely different than it is now.
I actually have some time “off” work when I’m working.

Last year gave me new opportunities, combined with new interests.
I took my camera with me.

My love for #photography expanded and I thought about making the best out of it.
A #hobby, a #vision, a #passion.

I met wonderful people in the last year and catched up with friends I haven’t seen for many years.

I travelled to India again. India has a special place in my heart. I established contact to an orphanage and whenever I’ll fly to Chennai I step in for a visit.
I love it to be in India, the people, the culture. I always had many great memories and I missed it to be there. I’m looking forward to visit my friends very soon in 2016.

The next great destinations were #Tehran and #New York.
I visited family in Tehran and spend wonderful hours with my dear friend.
I went to Jeddah for the first time in my life.
Philadelphia, Atlanta, Bangkok.
Great memories.

I flew through Europe, Madrid, Budapest, Brussels, Prague, Porto, Italy and Russia.
Probably I forgot to mention many, many more.

Besides working I spend so much precious time with my family and friends.

My day trip to Berlin to visit Mario Testino ‘s exhibition “In your face”. A very special day with my best friend.
I spend a perfect vacation together with my mom and my best friend, I feel so blessed and grateful.
I’m going to be a godmother! So exciting!!!

A year is not only filled with good memories, a couple of horrible things happened and as sensible as I am I think what the hell is going on in the world?
I raise a child in a time of egoism and terrorism.
Your inner side has to give you the power and strength to see the best in everything.
I try to be happy to make my child happy , I enjoy every minute I have and say thank you to a higher power for everything we have.
I love my family.

My personal goals for 2016?

New adventures

Okay okay and I’ll try to be successful in what I’m dreaming of to do…..

Happy new year everyone!

Sincerely yours,




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