Finally I’ll write a post about INDIA.
My first time I travelled to India was approximately in my early 20s, not knowing what to expect, unsure how to behave and absolutely overwhelmed by my first impressions.
I’ll never forget my first visit, my impression of this country was literally overwhelming and I  remember how I cried in the crewbus. I was crying because I had never thought about how people actually live on the street, I felt uncomfortable and ashamed.
I was very young and I heard a lot stories about India, as well as Indians “are” and how you should “behave”.

Now more than 10 years later, I think back and say..  I SIMPLY LOVE INDIA!

India became my favourite destination over the years of flying and I still enjoy to go there.

I need to explain that my first destination in India was Mumbai.
It’s tough for an european young girl like I was to find a way to deal with India ‘s opposites.
Our hotels in India are always very nice and comfortable, even luxurious.
When I step out of the hotel I’m in India.
Tuk tuks, people, dirt, culture, food, animals, heat, humidity, the smell of insence stics and food, all in one moment!
I’m maybe a little crazy but I allready enjoy Indias scent in it’s airports, when I step out I know I am in India….
I also like the flights, the passengers.
I like the busy flights, their habits and the families. I love to see the elderly indian women wearing their saris.
It’s all together, a combination of everything which makes my love for this country even deeper.

I can’t tell you why, but if I have the chance to travel through India, I would do it.
Maybe when my son is grown up I’ll take him with me……..
I ate so much indian food during my pregnancy that my son loves to eat spices. 😂

#Spices are a big theme you need to be aware of before travelling to India!
I love it! For me it’s an taste explosion.
The food is simply delicious and healthy.
You can eat as much delicious as you can no matter you eat vegetarian or vegan or non vegetarian.
Everything is freshly made and yummy.
When I meet my friends in Chennai it’s funny to see them eating “italian” or “european” dishes, and I fill myself up with indian delights…so funny!
Ordering SPICY is a new definition of SPICY compared to european indian food……
Avoid to drink too much of KINGFISHER beer, I can tell you, it’s ruining your next day! As yummy as it is…..

Making photographs in India is amazing!
It’s ok for everyone when I ask them to make some pictures of people.
India’s culture is colorful, warm and nice.
They smile and you can joke around with indians, I love their sense of humor.
I love their spirituality, their religions.
India’s history is amazing and I could spend hours to read about it.
I haven’t been in India for a while now, I allready miss it.
Hopefully I can fly in march to Chennai, I have so much to do there…
I want to meet friends, I must go to the orphanage and want to visit a fisherman’s family outside of chennai.
The fisherman’s wife was expecting a child and I want to give them things for their baby.

I guess I will continue writing about India, can’t fill only one post….
Too many impressions!

The fisherman's mother was cooking for us..
Indian fisherman, he invited us to dinner
I guess her name was Anita..
Shore temple Mamallapuram

More pics soon!!!



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