When I’m in India, I love to eat vegetarian. Whenever I’m in Chennai I’ll go to an vegetarian restaurant called #Sangeethas. My friend Shameek and his wife Vaishali went with me there to eat the most tasteful, delicious food I have ever eaten before.
Inside India you have such a big variety to eat differently. The food is different and the spice as well!
It’s typical for south india to eat more vegetarian than in the north or eastern part, for example. Rice is one of the main food, combined with sauces and spices. Idli’s and Dosas are made of rice flour, all in all is the Tamil cuisine very spicy.
Onions, garlic and ginger is quite everywhere to find in south indian (tamil) food.
The northern indian cuisine is more that what we European know…..
Tandoori chicken, samosas, just small examples to explain that the northern indians eat less spicy;)
Go to the south and you might recognize that the food is getting more spicy, but you will love it! Raita and joghurt are making it a bit better…..
Now I got hungry!!!!!

உங்கள் உணவை உண்டு
Enjoy your meal in Tamil

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