Well, this post is for every travelersoul, those who see the world as the most beautiful existence, with every human being living on it.
The world watched the cruelty which has taken place in Istanbul yesterday.
Another act of cruelty and contempt.
They attacked travelers, people which love to see diffrent countries and cultures.
They attacked turkey, and all in all the whole world. Again.
Traveling the world means showing respect and acceptance, as well love to different countries.
We respect and are interested in religions we don’t know or believe in.
God is everywhere, god is big and god doesn’t judge.
It’s devestating too see how the world changes. I raise a child in this world, not knowing what to expect. I teach acceptance and love and I hope that my son will teach the same one day.
I travelled many countries in the last 15 years, I met many people, I had good conversations and I also interesting ones.
Hopefully the world’s population will understand one day, especially those who think to have power to reign the world, that not war and hate is the solution…..
I doubt it unfortunately.
Traveling means to show acceptance and respect, don’t blame us.
The hole world is burning somehow, refugees, children are dying because of hunger and abusement. Stop it! Now! Don’t send troops and kill your own people…..
Safe our world and it’s beautiful population, stop the terror!
We allready know you have issues with us, but maybe killing us ist not the answer!
My thoughts go with everyone who got attacked by terror lately, their families and friends……
Let’s accept each other!  ✌




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