Big 🍏

Come with me to New York City!


NYC is always a great destination for me, unfortunately you will never have enough time to see everything you actually want to see….
The first time I have ever been to NYC was in 2000, I lived in Pittsburgh and traveled together with my family friends to New Jersey.
I continued my journey towards Manhattan to meet my friend Dany.
He is actually a New Yorker after all the years he spent in this beautiful city!
It was the time over thanksgiving, we lived in an apartment of his friend, did sightseeing,clubbing and of course shopping.
I saw the twin towers and yes, I fell in love with New York.
Love it or deny it. When you love busy city life, a city that never sleeps and where you have millions of options to spend your day and night…..go to New York. You will definitely love this city!
My favourite time for a visit?
It’s definitely spring time.
I love the central park area, it’s not to hot and because I’m a springtime lover, I enjoy specifically that time.
The last times I have been there were only during wintertime. You have to wrap up warm, put on sneakers and take a camera with you, that’s all what I need.
A subway ticket as well;)
First stop Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park, walking the promenade, Manhattan Bridge.


Take your time and around the neighborhood, it’s pretty nice and unique.
When I’m in NYC I always cross the Brooklyn Bridge.


The view is breathtaking. I actually don’t know how many selfies I’ve made….or skylinepictures….just WOW!

Soho is one of my favourite places in New York, there are many nice restaurants and shops in this area.

Bryant Park is another great stop I love, specifically during springtime.

The Highline a must to do!!!


Great place to walk around, I couldn’t stop clicking on my camera…..
The Meatpacking area has several nice restaurants and underneath the Highline are a couple of nice Art galleries, which I personally like..
Central Park…..just awesome!
Plan your trip during springtime and enjoy picnicking, walking around, great views, simply beautiful.
You see, when I am in this gorgeous city for one day….I literally have no time to sleep😂🙈
Brooklyn – Soho – Meatpacking – Bryant Park or Central Park – …..
I love this city and I’ll always will!
A few tips for restaurants and shops:

Fanelli Cafe
94 Prince St, New York, NY 10012
265 Lafayette St

Find out what you specifically like and tell me about it!!!!!!!


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