Back on track

Hey everyone!

It’s time to get “back on track”!
Due to my part time I had a lot of days off work but tomorrow is finally the day I can fly again!
I will fly to Doha! 28°, Sun and maybe rainshowers but it’s definitely 28° warmer than here in Germany😁
Today I will prepare my flight, pack my suitcase with tshirts and prepare home for my boys.
As a mum you have never less to do, working means for me: Preparing and organizing!
My son has to be fine as well my hubby.
The upcoming weeks will be busy, I have 4 flights and in between only a couple of days off.
I definitely missed flying and I feel happy to switch into flight modus tomorrow!
I hope that the weather will be good enough to make a trip to the desert!
Big wish of me, hoping to realize it.
I allready checked out what I could do, let’s see what I will finally make out of it.
I have never been to Doha before, any suggestions or tips?
I will keep you informed!!!!



#aboutlastnight 👑

It was this kind of a birthday party where everything was just right….
My best friends birthday bash was gorgeous,funny and exciting!
I don’t remember myself when I was dancing on 12cm High Heels all night long! Many years ago, lol.
Those nights show how important friendship is, how you feel young/wild/free, at least for only one night…
We had great conversations, good food and drinks, the music was great!
I catched myself still knowing the lyrics of songs I have listened to when I was 16. Well, I am the generation of the 80s/90s freaking out with Backstreet Boys, Spice girls and Ace of Base, Jon Bon Jovi or Roxette….
It was such a great party, a night to remember.

Next week I will finally fly again..
My upcoming stops will be Doha, New York and Tehran!
I missed working a lot, my travelersoul is filled with wanderlust.

My 15 years Flightattendant anniversary was rounded up by this hilarious birthday and I must say, we keep on rocking and dancing, forever and always!
Thank you my beautiful friend for having you in my life:)


15 Years in ❤ with aviation


This will be a special post for me!
15 years ago I began flightschool for becoming a flightattendant.
Today, 15 years later I still feel absolutely blessed and happy and I hope so much that the next 15 years will be as great as the recent years have been.
In all the years I’ve met so many amazing people whether collegues or passengers, or just people I’ve met abroad.
I remember a guy I’ve met in London many years ago, I was all by myself exploring Kensington and he showed me around and we went out for indian food. Don’t know his name, but I will never forget…(it was my first year flying)
When you’re a flightattendant it’s usual that you do things alone in your layover.
Sometimes with crewmembers, sometimes alone. In the beginning it felt weird, but today I enjoy that sometimes. (Especially as a mom)
Nevertheless I’ve met awesome personalities all over the world.
One day in Bangkok, it was my first stay there, no collegue had ambitions to do something, so I went out all by myself to explore Bangkok.
No smartphone, no Google Maps, just me and my city map.
I remember I went down the river to visit Wat Pho, but it was closed and I was disappointed.
A tuk tuk driver offered me his help and drove me through Bangkok for sightseeing. Lucky me.




I will remember that always. On my way to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I’d planned to meet some collegues there, I made aqaitance with an american student, who arrived in Bangkok for an internship that day.
We went to the Sirocco Bar together and had great conversations, he didn’t know anyone, neither I. The few hours we’ve spent together were so funny. To be in Bangkok for the first time is surreal. Maybe for everyone, who doesn’t know the city.
I can’t remember his name, I just have this picture. (No social media ambitions in these days..)

Well only 3 examples how great traveling can be. You need to be open and not scared.
I went sailing in California, horseriding in South Africa, I climbed mountains, went to the Great Wall in China and did a lot of sightseeing. My favourite places were Los Angeles and San Francisco, I always loved to travel to California and India of course!!!!







Now I enjoy traveling to Tehran… visit relatives!
Just a few memories.


A lot has changed, I have changed. I got married, became a mother, returned flying and started writing and photographing.

I remember a lot of passengers, I had a connection to somehow.
In beautiful and worse situations.
Families, elderly people, thankful passengers,celebrities, medical cases, rude passengers, I was comforting passengers, I had great conversations and lot of fun to work on board.

Sometimes I feel extremely lucky to get the chance in meeting all kinds of cultures.
I have collected a lot of experiences.
I see the world with diffrent eyes I always say my eyes and my heart are more open, maybe because of my work.

I love working for my company and I never wanted to do anything else.
Traveling is like a drug for my soul.

Today I scrolled through a lot of pictures, I remembered so many things and thought it would be nice to show you some of them.

On my first day of flightattendant school I have met the friendship of my life.
We went through a lot of good and bad and today we still love each other. Last week I looked at her and thought, wow! We had allready been through so much.
Now we’re grown up, mothers of beautiful children.
She is a medical doctor and quit the job as a flightattendant, but in her heart she is still in love with it. (I know that)

Me and my very best friend, on that day we had our final presentation and finished flightschool successfully. (I quit smoking many years ago;)I was 19 on that pic)

Whatever will happen in future, it was the best decision for me to apply for the airline!
Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

The 16th year is now coming and I am excited for all adventures I will experience and all photographs I will surely make!!!!!

Thank you for reading 🙂
I appreciate it.
(William Shakespeare)

Yours, Patricia

If you have any questions concerning my job as a flightattendant, don’t hesitate to contact me! @mrspasai



#Women often ask me…

What kind of lipstick are you wearing? Collegues often ask me, how does your lipstick last so long?

WELL, this post is more for my female readers, but due to a lot the questions concerning my cosmetic essentials during long flights, I would like to be honest.

I actual don’t use much, but after all my years of flying I have my one and only MASCARA, my favourite LIPSTICS, my (for me) best MAKE UP.

My favourite Lipstick color is RED, I have all kinds of red Lipstics in my collection. I wear them matching to my Nailpolish (#KIKO, #ESSIE).

The look is quite simple and lot cosmetic lines offer this. For example #MAC.

I have 6 things carrying with me in my purse as a flightattendant.

  1. My URBAN DECAY B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray
  2. My CLINIQUE Beyond Perfecting Powder Make-Up Foundation
  3. My NAKED/ URBAN DECAY Illuminated Lit Powder
  4. My TOO FACED Better than Sex Mascara
  5. My URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil
  6. MY URBAN DECAY Matte Revolution Lipstics

I don’t like wearing Eyeshadows, that’s not me. I literally keep it simple.

2016-02-17 11.20.25.jpg


This is it Ladies!

For my skin I actually try out diffrent brands, that’s why I don’t want to give special names. I will inform you in a diffrent post 😉

But after a long flight, when you are in your hotelroom prepping yourself for the night, I have one tip!

I know the brand in Germany, not sure about if you can purchase it overseas, but       #MERZ Spezial is great!2016-02-17 12.01.25 (1).jpg

I apply it before going to bed, your skin will love it! I reached the age, where your skin gets older and you realize that you definetly need more HYDRATION.

I like the natural look, pimping it up with my red LIPSTICS 🙂

Any more questions? I’d love giving you tips surviving a long flight….

(All products are available at or

Have a wonderful day and…….Always happy landings…..

xoxo Patricia2016-02-06 04.02.58



What is so special about my job as a flightattendant?
The number one of very often asked questions from passengers to me is:
“Where are you flying next to? Oh, you don’t fly back now? I see. Do you sleep in the hotel? You need to pay it by yourself?”
(Long distance flight to the US, flight time more than 8-9 hours)
I could actually write a book about all those questions and situations I’ve had during the last 15 years of flying.
Do I love what I am doing? Absolutely!

Being a flightattendant is not only serving food and drinks and being aware of all kinds of security situations.
It’s a way of life.
I recognize flightattendants everywhere! How?
First, we’re very open minded. We talk a lot and we love people. Second, we know intercultural backgrounds and threat people the flightattendant kind of way.
For example, on nearly every flight I have crewmembers I have never met before, but as soon as we meet and work together we share everything and behave like longterm friends. Not with everyone of course, but I always have one or two collegues on a flight I would definitely remember.

My company has a very smart psychological assessment test.
I always call it the “Stewardess screen”.

We do have to fit, otherwise we fail.
That is why we flightattendant are all kind of similar….
Similar only in preparation for our work, how to behave in certain situations and circumstances.

In the last 15 years I ran through a lot of situations and circumstances, either good or bad.
I was trained to work on 3 kinds of aircrafts. Boing 747 and Airbus.
I went to many countries and have met a lot of people.

Flying full-time was sometimes tough, but I never lost my positive attitude.

Meanwhile I fly part-time.
As a mom it is not possible to fly full time as a flightattendant and raising a child.
Every time I go to work I am excited and happy.
I enjoy my other life, it’s always a kind of back to the roots.

What do you need to become a flightattendant?
Well, a positive attitude. A good education and good manners.
You have to be smart and you need to be a team player.
I always answer when people ask me about becoming a flightattendant :
“Have a crush on traveling the world….!”
Once you have made a single step in the world of aviation you will always love it.
Once a flightattendant, always a flightattendant.

When I was pregnant with my son, I missed flying so much, that I drove to the airport just to smell the cerosin and listening to the airport noise.

Crazy? Definitely YES.

I want to come back to explain a little bit more of our work.

What do you first think when you step inside an aircraft?
Well you look around, figuring out where you sit, and than…..someone is sitting on your seat?!!! What the hell, is not talking your language…….and now…..
It’s MY kind of duty!
Here I am the flightattendant, helping you out.
It’s not the only thing I do during your flight from A to B.
I prepare the aircraft for security and service, I try to help you as a passenger, I have to be aware of all kinds of situations. Checking the cabin before take off and landing is not ment to blame you, it’s to make your stay with us the most secure.
Waking you up to ask you if your seat belt is fasten or asking you to pull up windowshades is not an act of evil.
We are trained in many things.
4. Medical
5. Intercultural communication
6. Service
The medical part is actually part of Security.

Of course, most of the flightattendants are pretty.
But when you think one of your flightattendants is much older than other flightattendants, that is ABSOLUTELY ok!
I will hopefully fly until retirement.

It’s not a joke as I told you that passenger ask us if you fly back after a long flight to the US or anywhere else in the world.
It’s not a joke that passengers ask us if we have “fat free” water…….on and on…
I experienced all of those rumors.

I guess I will write another post of my job as a flightattendant, too much to tell you about.

That’s making it special 🙂
Have a great time being abroad!
Allways happy landings!





Holiday Couple trouble

Men and women. Husband and wife.
Two opinions, two diffrent desires.
I am a full time traveler, caused by my job as a flightattendant.
I simply love traveling and I feel open for all kinds of destinations abroad.
My husband is less a travelersoul, he loves to stay at home and sleeping in foreign beds is always a challenge for him.
Our son has a travelersoul, he would like to travel every day. …
Right now we are trying to figure out the perfect spot for our this year holiday.
Traveling with a child is not always easy, but our son is keeping it simple and relaxed.
Beach, animals, sand and water, he doesn’t need anything else.
How are you deciding the perfect place for your summer vacation?
Do you risk something new or do you prefer to travel to places you already know? (Particularly traveling with children)
I just want to relax! Honestly, as a working mom and flightattendant I want to feel free and relaxed. No duties, no time pressure, no cooking….
Hotel, all inclusive, perfect for me!
This year we were shocked about the flight rates. It is soooooo expensive!  What happened? Vacation in Germany, really? I am open for everything but I need distance to the german culture once a year.
It’s actually a tough struggle.
Let’s wait and see, maybe we’ll find a solution. How are you planning your summer holidays? Where is your journey taking you to?
I am really interested in this.. 
Due to my vacation planning  at home, couple trouble combined with high blood pressure, I really hope you can inspire me!
Let’s figure it out 😉

It’s all about #traveling


I created a new Instagram page for my photography!

Come and visit and join my photographic experiences.

A new post will follow tomorrow 😉



My latest adventure was my trip to Amman,Jordan!
It’s actually quite nice to be on stand by, it’s even more exciting!
I haven’t been to Amman before, it was wonderful! The hotel was quite nice, we went out to have some typical arabic street food and delicious fruit juices .
The Shawarmas were delicious and very cheap. We ate them on the street like nearly everyone around us.
The next day we decided to drive to the dead sea. Due to the wonderful weather which was nice and warm.
We drove down to the seashore and on our way we had some spectacular views over the jordan landscape. Israel is actually very close, we were able to see it.
The weather was warm and sunny, perfect to spend the day at the dead sea.
I haven’t been there before and I never experienced the salty water.
Well I knew the water will carry you, but I wasn’t aware how funny it actual is!


You swim on the water and I had the feeling to lie in bed. So funny. It’s literally not possible to swim like you are used to swim!
Later that day we covered our skin with mud. Mud of the dead sea.


My skin was shouting THANK YOU!
Together with my adorable collegues I spent a wonderful time in Amman, with lots of fun and laughter. Pure crewlife.
I love my job so much and appreciate those special moments and adventures.
I will definitely come back to Jordan.
Next visit?