My latest adventure was my trip to Amman,Jordan!
It’s actually quite nice to be on stand by, it’s even more exciting!
I haven’t been to Amman before, it was wonderful! The hotel was quite nice, we went out to have some typical arabic street food and delicious fruit juices .
The Shawarmas were delicious and very cheap. We ate them on the street like nearly everyone around us.
The next day we decided to drive to the dead sea. Due to the wonderful weather which was nice and warm.
We drove down to the seashore and on our way we had some spectacular views over the jordan landscape. Israel is actually very close, we were able to see it.
The weather was warm and sunny, perfect to spend the day at the dead sea.
I haven’t been there before and I never experienced the salty water.
Well I knew the water will carry you, but I wasn’t aware how funny it actual is!


You swim on the water and I had the feeling to lie in bed. So funny. It’s literally not possible to swim like you are used to swim!
Later that day we covered our skin with mud. Mud of the dead sea.


My skin was shouting THANK YOU!
Together with my adorable collegues I spent a wonderful time in Amman, with lots of fun and laughter. Pure crewlife.
I love my job so much and appreciate those special moments and adventures.
I will definitely come back to Jordan.
Next visit?








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