Holiday Couple trouble

Men and women. Husband and wife.
Two opinions, two diffrent desires.
I am a full time traveler, caused by my job as a flightattendant.
I simply love traveling and I feel open for all kinds of destinations abroad.
My husband is less a travelersoul, he loves to stay at home and sleeping in foreign beds is always a challenge for him.
Our son has a travelersoul, he would like to travel every day. …
Right now we are trying to figure out the perfect spot for our this year holiday.
Traveling with a child is not always easy, but our son is keeping it simple and relaxed.
Beach, animals, sand and water, he doesn’t need anything else.
How are you deciding the perfect place for your summer vacation?
Do you risk something new or do you prefer to travel to places you already know? (Particularly traveling with children)
I just want to relax! Honestly, as a working mom and flightattendant I want to feel free and relaxed. No duties, no time pressure, no cooking….
Hotel, all inclusive, perfect for me!
This year we were shocked about the flight rates. It is soooooo expensive!  What happened? Vacation in Germany, really? I am open for everything but I need distance to the german culture once a year.
It’s actually a tough struggle.
Let’s wait and see, maybe we’ll find a solution. How are you planning your summer holidays? Where is your journey taking you to?
I am really interested in this.. 
Due to my vacation planning  at home, couple trouble combined with high blood pressure, I really hope you can inspire me!
Let’s figure it out 😉


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