#Women often ask me…

What kind of lipstick are you wearing? Collegues often ask me, how does your lipstick last so long?

WELL, this post is more for my female readers, but due to a lot the questions concerning my cosmetic essentials during long flights, I would like to be honest.

I actual don’t use much, but after all my years of flying I have my one and only MASCARA, my favourite LIPSTICS, my (for me) best MAKE UP.

My favourite Lipstick color is RED, I have all kinds of red Lipstics in my collection. I wear them matching to my Nailpolish (#KIKO, #ESSIE).

The look is quite simple and lot cosmetic lines offer this. For example #MAC.

I have 6 things carrying with me in my purse as a flightattendant.

  1. My URBAN DECAY B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray
  2. My CLINIQUE Beyond Perfecting Powder Make-Up Foundation
  3. My NAKED/ URBAN DECAY Illuminated Lit Powder
  4. My TOO FACED Better than Sex Mascara
  5. My URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil
  6. MY URBAN DECAY Matte Revolution Lipstics

I don’t like wearing Eyeshadows, that’s not me. I literally keep it simple.

2016-02-17 11.20.25.jpg


This is it Ladies!

For my skin I actually try out diffrent brands, that’s why I don’t want to give special names. I will inform you in a diffrent post 😉

But after a long flight, when you are in your hotelroom prepping yourself for the night, I have one tip!

I know the brand in Germany, not sure about if you can purchase it overseas, but       #MERZ Spezial is great!2016-02-17 12.01.25 (1).jpg

I apply it before going to bed, your skin will love it! I reached the age, where your skin gets older and you realize that you definetly need more HYDRATION.

I like the natural look, pimping it up with my red LIPSTICS 🙂

Any more questions? I’d love giving you tips surviving a long flight….

(All products are available at http://www.douglas.de or http://www.sephora.com)

Have a wonderful day and…….Always happy landings…..

xoxo Patricia2016-02-06 04.02.58



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