15 Years in ❤ with aviation


This will be a special post for me!
15 years ago I began flightschool for becoming a flightattendant.
Today, 15 years later I still feel absolutely blessed and happy and I hope so much that the next 15 years will be as great as the recent years have been.
In all the years I’ve met so many amazing people whether collegues or passengers, or just people I’ve met abroad.
I remember a guy I’ve met in London many years ago, I was all by myself exploring Kensington and he showed me around and we went out for indian food. Don’t know his name, but I will never forget…(it was my first year flying)
When you’re a flightattendant it’s usual that you do things alone in your layover.
Sometimes with crewmembers, sometimes alone. In the beginning it felt weird, but today I enjoy that sometimes. (Especially as a mom)
Nevertheless I’ve met awesome personalities all over the world.
One day in Bangkok, it was my first stay there, no collegue had ambitions to do something, so I went out all by myself to explore Bangkok.
No smartphone, no Google Maps, just me and my city map.
I remember I went down the river to visit Wat Pho, but it was closed and I was disappointed.
A tuk tuk driver offered me his help and drove me through Bangkok for sightseeing. Lucky me.




I will remember that always. On my way to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I’d planned to meet some collegues there, I made aqaitance with an american student, who arrived in Bangkok for an internship that day.
We went to the Sirocco Bar together and had great conversations, he didn’t know anyone, neither I. The few hours we’ve spent together were so funny. To be in Bangkok for the first time is surreal. Maybe for everyone, who doesn’t know the city.
I can’t remember his name, I just have this picture. (No social media ambitions in these days..)

Well only 3 examples how great traveling can be. You need to be open and not scared.
I went sailing in California, horseriding in South Africa, I climbed mountains, went to the Great Wall in China and did a lot of sightseeing. My favourite places were Los Angeles and San Francisco, I always loved to travel to California and India of course!!!!







Now I enjoy traveling to Tehran…..to visit relatives!
Just a few memories.


A lot has changed, I have changed. I got married, became a mother, returned flying and started writing and photographing.

I remember a lot of passengers, I had a connection to somehow.
In beautiful and worse situations.
Families, elderly people, thankful passengers,celebrities, medical cases, rude passengers, I was comforting passengers, I had great conversations and lot of fun to work on board.

Sometimes I feel extremely lucky to get the chance in meeting all kinds of cultures.
I have collected a lot of experiences.
I see the world with diffrent eyes I always say my eyes and my heart are more open, maybe because of my work.

I love working for my company and I never wanted to do anything else.
Traveling is like a drug for my soul.

Today I scrolled through a lot of pictures, I remembered so many things and thought it would be nice to show you some of them.

On my first day of flightattendant school I have met the friendship of my life.
We went through a lot of good and bad and today we still love each other. Last week I looked at her and thought, wow! We had allready been through so much.
Now we’re grown up, mothers of beautiful children.
She is a medical doctor and quit the job as a flightattendant, but in her heart she is still in love with it. (I know that)

Me and my very best friend, on that day we had our final presentation and finished flightschool successfully. (I quit smoking many years ago;)I was 19 on that pic)

Whatever will happen in future, it was the best decision for me to apply for the airline!
Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

The 16th year is now coming and I am excited for all adventures I will experience and all photographs I will surely make!!!!!

Thank you for reading 🙂
I appreciate it.
(William Shakespeare)

Yours, Patricia

If you have any questions concerning my job as a flightattendant, don’t hesitate to contact me!

http://www.twitter.com @mrspasai





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