#aboutlastnight 👑

It was this kind of a birthday party where everything was just right….
My best friends birthday bash was gorgeous,funny and exciting!
I don’t remember myself when I was dancing on 12cm High Heels all night long! Many years ago, lol.
Those nights show how important friendship is, how you feel young/wild/free, at least for only one night…
We had great conversations, good food and drinks, the music was great!
I catched myself still knowing the lyrics of songs I have listened to when I was 16. Well, I am the generation of the 80s/90s freaking out with Backstreet Boys, Spice girls and Ace of Base, Jon Bon Jovi or Roxette….
It was such a great party, a night to remember.

Next week I will finally fly again..
My upcoming stops will be Doha, New York and Tehran!
I missed working a lot, my travelersoul is filled with wanderlust.

My 15 years Flightattendant anniversary was rounded up by this hilarious birthday and I must say, we keep on rocking and dancing, forever and always!
Thank you my beautiful friend for having you in my life:)




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