Back on track

Hey everyone!

It’s time to get “back on track”!
Due to my part time I had a lot of days off work but tomorrow is finally the day I can fly again!
I will fly to Doha! 28°, Sun and maybe rainshowers but it’s definitely 28° warmer than here in Germany😁
Today I will prepare my flight, pack my suitcase with tshirts and prepare home for my boys.
As a mum you have never less to do, working means for me: Preparing and organizing!
My son has to be fine as well my hubby.
The upcoming weeks will be busy, I have 4 flights and in between only a couple of days off.
I definitely missed flying and I feel happy to switch into flight modus tomorrow!
I hope that the weather will be good enough to make a trip to the desert!
Big wish of me, hoping to realize it.
I allready checked out what I could do, let’s see what I will finally make out of it.
I have never been to Doha before, any suggestions or tips?
I will keep you informed!!!!



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