Hie everyone!

Finally I found time to sit down and write about my last adventure DOHA.

I havn’t been to Doha before, I’ve made so many plans, but everything changed. Somebody had taken my suitcase and when I realized I was more than desperate. I decided to fly without any luggage…., well as an adventurer as I am, I thought, well….just do it. During the flight I received the information my suitcase has been taken by a captain who thought it was his….and NO I didn’t take his 😉

After a 2 hours delay, caused by thunderstorms in Kuwait, we finally reached Doha. I have had the best collegues on board, everyone gave me something to “survive”.

The next day we had a very delicious arabic breakfast, very good coffee and decided to drive to the city center to buy some clothes… !

I had planned a trip to the desert, but due to my lost suitcase, I thought it’s more important to buy something matching to wear. I was absolutely impressed by Doha’s skyline, amazing, those skycrapers are breathtaking. Everything is clean and nice, everyone very polite and helpful. After shopping at the city center Mall, you can do icescating there, we went to the Souk Waqif.



It is very nice to walk around and get inspirated by it’s oriental flair. I’m an absolutely oriental flair lover, I love it’s spirit and love it to walk around getting inspirated for photography.

I smoked a Shisha, drank qahwa ‘arabiyya (turkish coffee) and absolutely enjoyed the time being there. Unfortunantly the stay is too short, but I will definently be back soon!




The last days I enjoyed being together with my boy, he was so happy Mommy came home. When I travel abroad I feel happy to have time for me, to do photography and just relax. I love my work and feel happy to have some short time for myself.

Tomorrow I will fly to New York, the big apple. One of my favourites!

I will keep you informed!

xoxo Patricia






2 thoughts on “#Doha

  1. Hallo Mrs Pasai,
    I love your blog and photographies!
    I am sorry to bother you but I would like to ask you:
    Is there any flight from Frankfurt to Napoli?
    Can you swap your flights?

    Have a nice day in NYC 🙂



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