Hello everyone!
I’m back in germany, back home, snuggling with my baby boy and I have a pocket full of memories and interesting informations.
The women’s travel fest was absolutely great, I enjoyed it to be there.
Next year, I will probably stay longer. The atmosphere all around women’s travel literally fascinated me.
Travel has such a high impact in my life and I love being a part of it.
I will need a bit longer to write my post about the informations I received @ women’s travel fest!
Being in New York is always great! I simply love the spirit of that city!!
I went to the Brooklyn Bridge early in the morning to see NYC’s sunrise.
It was amazing! Simply amazing!
The Brooklyn Bridge is always crowded and it’s hard to get good pictures, but I got them!!!!!! I will upload soon:)
Soho, I love it! Do you know the feeling I have (as a mom) that you want to show all those pretty things in travel to your children? All those tiny things in your travelers life…..all those wow’s and ahhhh’s…
I hope I will get the chance in my life to fascinate my kid about travel.
Right now he is more fascinated in animals….😍
When I’m telling him that I took nice pictures he asks me: Did you see animals? Adorable, love him so much!
I wish you a great Monday and a good start in the new week!  Stay tuned✌





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