Women’s Travel Fest

It’s been a while since I have written my last blogpost! A lot was happening and I was so busy, that I literally couldn’t find any time to write.
2 weeks ago I went to New York and visited the Women’s Travel Fest! It was a blast! Absolutely interesting and mind blowing.
It was the first time for me to get there, I will definently do it again next year.
I started the day in NYC with a stunning sunrise over Manhattan. I got up early in the morning, caused by an awfully placed hotelroom. I checked the time for the sunrise and decided to run to the Brooklyn Bridge. I catched the perfect time and my photographer heart bumped higher.


After my sunrise moment on the Brooklyn Bridge I got back to the hotel and changed for breakfast and women’s travel fest.
I took the F train towards Soho and got a yummy breakfast @ Sant Ambroeus.

My journey continued towards Delacey Street, where I got out to find the (beautiful) Angel Oreganz Foundation.
A stunning location, simply beautiful.

I was welcomed by many women, loud music and a full goody bag. I checked out different tables with all kinds of topics based on solo woman travel. Organisations for safe travel, health care, barefoot travel or beauty travel in Tansania. I talked to an italian lady, who was offering journeys to Abruzzo Italy, for example for truffle searching and cooking sessions.
The programm was filled with absolutely amazing speakers.
They told us about their experiences abroad and we also got a lot of usable beauty tricks.

My personal favourite speaker was Annie Griffith, Photographer for the National Geographic and the executive director/founder of rippleeffectimages. Her speech was mind blowing, absolutely amazing.

I love photography, especially of people and situations, she showed all of that. Her stories were fascinating and touching. I was amazed by the story of her life.
I returned to the hotel with a lot of input and informations. I had actually to think about. Flying back to Frankfurt was exhausting, but with the memories in my baggage I had wings to fly.
Amazing for me was actually the fact, that women’s travel has changed.

20 years ago it wasn’t usual to travel alone to discover the world. I remember my first trip abroad as an exchange student. You had the choice between, UK or US. I took the US and landed in Louisville, Kentucky. I enjoyed every minute and decided for me my future goals.
It is incredible that young women travel alone, or even in small groups. The world is open for everyone and times have changed. A low budget travel makes it possible. Work and travel, Couchsurfing or hostels in any part of the world, makes solo travel possible.
Travel before you have a fixed job or a family. Discover the world in your 20s or 30s, take those chances. It’s worth it.
Travel is education.
Traveling is a gift.
15 years ago I took the chance to get a job where I can travel. Being a flightattendant gives me that gift. When I could turn back time, I would have done the same like all those ladies I have met at the Women’s Travel Fest…….!
But maybe I will do that one day, only god knows when…….I would like to take my precious son with me, to show him the world!
Xoxo, Patricia


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