Shenyang #China

Hi! Long time no Blogpost, but finally I’m back again telling you about my latest adventures.
A lot have changed in my personal life, that’s the reason why I actually havn’t had the time to write. I work for my best friends agency for marketing and I feel blessed to experience so much more in business, something completely different compared to my work as a flightattendant.
You can have a curios look on!

My latest travel adventures have been taken place in Shenyang,China.
It was an awesome trip to an absolutely different culture. The last time I’ve been to China was a couple of years ago.
I really enjoyed my time in the country of smiling faces. I planned a trip to       丹东市 Dandong, visiting the Northkorean border. Northchina seemed diffrent to me, compared to big cities like Shanghai, Bejing or Hongkong.


We were the only non chinese visitors and sometimes we felt like unknown superstars. The border between China and Northkorea was celebrated by many chinese visitors. We did a short boattrip on the Yalu River, which is seperating China with Northkorea. You can visit the Bridges between Dandong and Northkorea, one of them got destroyed. Dandong’s Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge was bombed by the United States during the Korean war. The older iron bridge was leading to North Korea. Even though the brigde was being rebuild, it’s only existing as a monument remembering this time.
We traveled on to Dandongs old chinese wall. On that short trip we realized how close the border is.


The Yalu River is seperating those two contries and you have the feeling you can step over.                                               虎山长城
At the Hushan great wall we were the only western tourists and we climbed up the stairs up to 156 m height, succesfully. The wall starts 15 km northeast of Dandong, directly beside the China/Northkorean border.
You a have a stunning view!


In the afternoon we had to catch our Highspeed train back to Shenyang, but first we had to catch a cab driving us back to Dandong Trainstation. Well, refusing the offer of a guy driving us to Dandong, it seemed untrustworthy in that moment, we stood by the street and waited and waited for a cab.
Suddenly another car stopped and a chinese guy who allready had two seriously looking pax inside, offered us a free ride. My 19 year old collegue was worried and unsure to trust. Well no risk no fun, we got in and came back to Dandong safe and sound. We figured out that the driver was working with the chinese kind of UBER and the 2 pax booked him to drive them to Dandong Trainstation. Perfect for us, we catched our train on time and got back to Shenyang absolutely comfortable,happy and exhausted. Taking the Highspeedtrain is absolutely recommandable. Very comfortable, cheap and always on time!
Back to rainy Shenyang we went to cosy  restaurant close to our hotel and resumed our perfect day in beloved China! My photographer’s heart bumped higher, I clicked some nice captures…….

Catching a moment at the Yalu River
At the Hushan great wall





Bis Bald, Patricia


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