Pondicherry Blessings

Again and again I am just amazed by the spirit and feeling India is offering me.

I just came back from my last flight and I want to tell you about. 

I decided to visit Pondicherry last weekend. A few collegues joined me and I was happy to travel in company. My morning started with a gorgeous breakfast at Sangeethas. I allready told you about my love for indian food. It took us nearly 2.5 hours to arrive in Pondicherry. The drive is always an adventure, cardriving is an completely different thing compared to german road conditions. LOL.

Our driver dropped us in Auroville, the french colony in Pondicherry. A city with different parts. The french colony looks very different compared to the other part of Pondi.

You can actually say it’s clean and the flair is unique.

A long promenade at the shore will give you a romantic feeling, yoga institutes, ashrams, small hotels…. The streets have french names and you can eat european food. We walked around and just enjoyed the atmosphere. We had a yummy indian lumch in a cute rooftop restaurant. I bought for myself a few nice indian clothes and indian women blessed me with painting a red dot on my forehead and put yasminflowers in my hair.

Before leaving Pondi we went to the elefant temple and the elefant                    -GANESH- blessed me with it’s  trunk.
Simply amazing and breathtaking. I love the spiritualism of the hindu religion.


I love India. I like indian peoples humor and hospitality. But India shows you also a sad part, a part I don’t like.

Poor beggars, poor children which look at you with hungry eyes and an sad impression. I made contact with two women carrying their babies. They were sick, not looking well. One baby was maybe 6 months old, the other one over a year. They really looked sick and thursty. She wanted to sell something and begged me with the words “madam madam please please madam, my baby…” I felt so sad and helpless. One baby was crying and hugged it’s mother legs, she hit her baby to be quiet. I was ashamed, sad and angry. That’s the other side of my beloved India, a side full of hunger and no perspectives. It’s a devils wheel. Education gives children a way out of that desaster, but education is expensive, expensive for many many indians. No money, no education, no education, no hope. 

When I visit the childrens home in Chennai, hosted by sister Nirmala, I feel good to know, that they are trying to give poor kids at least a little education. Reading, writing and to speak english, only 3 things they could help a poor indian kid in the future. They told me that parents bring their children, because it’s not possible for them to feed them.

I will never forget those eyes of the two children on that day. Never. I am a mother and there is nothing in my life I would ever do bad to my son. I would die to safe his life. I know that those children won’t have perspectives, although their mothers love them. They won’t get out of this devils wheel.

Knowing and experiencing these kind of situations give me a different way of living my life. I can’t help them, but I help myself by trying to do it. Value your life and your family, nothing is more precious. Be thankful, be generous.

I always have gummybears and sweets in my pocket, I can’t save childrens lives, but sometimes I can conjure smiling faces…….
See you soon India 🐘