Back on my blog #mrspasai

Heyyyy dear followers! still exist!! I’m sorry about being absent for more than 2 months. Well, my personal life kept me very busy.

My familylife was longing for me. Being a workingmom is not always easy. I guess every mum knows what I’m talking about.  I feel so thankful to have my family. My son needs me more and more. He got into an age where mums became more and more important. Differently. I always feel  he is missing me badly when I’m flying and when I got home from work it’s just fine for him.

I loved the summer 2016, we spend so many happy hours together and my flights were interesting too. I’ve been to Bahrain, Dubai and Almaty in the last months, actually not many flights.

I had to cancel my Bogotá flight, caused by sickness…..I do hope so much I will finally fly there one day as soon as possible. 

Next week it’s time for holidays! My family and I are going to fly to the canary islands! I can’t wait to finally get there.

My son is excited too and we are looking forward to feed chipmunks again. Do whatever we want to do, no rush, no dutiea, no work. Same time, same place.

I will tell you more in a few days!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Dubai. It was an awesome short trip, too hot to go to the desert, but perfect to visit the Dubai Mall!

I finally saw the stunning Burj Khalifa! But due to the heat I preferred to stay inside the mall while eating yummy icecream. 

My last trip took me to Almaty.

A short Layover but filled with lots of laughter and fun! We took the lift up to the Citymountain. Nice place, perfect for kids and familylife. My son would have had a lot of fun! But his mum loved it as well 

and I will definently come back!

But now i can’t wait to fly away to spend a nice holiday with my family. we are coming.



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